Tap into our extensive network of loyal Twitter account holders and instantaneously reach out to tens-of-thousands of users excited to learn about your brand.

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Use Twitter Rush to amp up your customer awareness by delivering your brand’s core message directly to your most relevant audience!

Twitter Rush is a quick, easy and economical way to overcome the customer awareness issues that plague the app stores by reaching out to your most relevant target demographic and directly introducing them to your product. At minimum cost, you can place your product directly into their hands, boost product awareness and see direct results.


  • 1 promo tweet created by ComboApp Social Media Team*
  • Full use of Twitter Ads platform (geo / device / OS / gender / language / interest) targeting
  • Access to 7,000+ dedicated Twitter “uber users” with key messaging about your app’s launch or updates
  • 15+ click-throughs to your app’s landing page

*$149 covers 2 iterations to tweet text (if requested by the client).


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