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Announce the launch or update of your app in captivating and creative ways via relevant iOS or Android web forums or forums focused on other mobile platforms.

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We will target relevant app-related web forums, post within existing threads or create new threads to announce the upcoming release of your app in a captivating and creative way that will engage your prospective users. It’s crucial to have as many channels as possible through which to connect your app with its user base. Many popular app-related web forums have dedicated thread categories that are set aside exclusively to announce upcoming app releases and our team knows how to use these platforms to publicize your newly arrived product loudly and effectively.


  • Promo post creation and publishing*
  • Over 1,000 thread views by your target audience within a four day period
  • 10 organic links accessible via web search
  • Audience engagement results & feedback details all distilled and shared

*$500 covers one version of a promo post (by request only).


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