Refund Policy

No mobile application marketing services provided by ComboApp are eligible for a refund upon full execution. The sole exception to this policy is our TOP 100 Campaign marketing package. When utilizing this service ONLY – the Client is eligible to be refunded 50% of their TOP 100 Campaign purchase price if and only if ComboApp fails to successfully position the Client’s mobile application in a TOP 100 category / Games subcategory on the App Store


Client requested refunds for mobile application marketing service(s) already delivered by ComboApp will only be addressed if they are not prompted by ComboApp’s failure to deliver and/or execute the service(s) purchased by the Client. Refund requests may be denied at ComboApp’s sole discretion once ComboApp has executed all expressed prerequisites for a specific marketing service as denoted by that service’s description on ComboApp’s website.

The Client is responsible for making their application available for promotion. ComboApp reserves the right to charge all clients and service consumers a $1,000 refund fee for any agency services purchased but unfulfilled whose total cost exceeds $1,000 and a $500 refund fee for any agency services purchased but unfulfilled whose total cost is less than $1,000. This refund fee can be

charged by ComboApp in any event where a client or service consumer requests refunded payment regardless of reason or motive for refund.


The monetary cost of aforesaid refund fees charged by ComboApp to clients and service consumers is dictated along the following guidelines:

  • Service(s) whose billable sums total less than $500 are ineligible for refund.
  • Refunds for service(s) whose billable sums are less than $1,000 are subject to a $500 refund fee.
  • Refunded service(s) whose billable sums are between $1,000 and $10,000 are subject a $1,000 refund fee.
  • Refunded service(s) whose costs exceed $10,000 are subject to a refund fee equal to 25% of the service’s total billable cost.

To note, refund sums may be denied or agreed upon by ComboApp on a service by service or project by project basis and are decided upon at ComboApp’s sole discretion.

After cancelling the promotion and paying the above mentioned fee the Client may schedule another promotion on behalf of their mobile application.

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