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Founded in Seattle, Zanther, Inc is an innovative new mobile applications developer focused on creating fresh high quality iOS mobile solutions. Taking cues from innovative yet unrealized tablet concepts, the company’s mission is to develop the most powerful tablet-based creation and personal collaboration solution offered on the market today.


Tapose, the client’s digital workspace app, is best described as a revolutionary new multitasking, productivity, and content creation solution that provides users with a collaborative multimedia Journal, fully featured Web Browser, Interactive Maps, and more, all of which can be used in tandem to transform how users get things done on the go. Founded by a team of talented software developers, Zanther Inc’s product was on the cutting edge of available iPad technologies both in quality as well as sheer functionality. That said, this group of ambitious designers and engineers lacked the needed marketing experience to effectively promote Tapose within the mobile marketplace. Keen on publicizing the app to the public at large, the client reached out to ComboApp to find and utilize the sorts of marketing solutions that would ensure Tapose had successful introduction onto the App Store upon its release.


After reviewing our services and discussing the vision and concept behind Tapose with our marketing and analysis teams, Zanther Inc finally elected to utilize a number of ComboApp’s diverse marketing solutions that both the client as well as their dedicated marketing team felt would promote the app to greatest effect. Specifically, Zanther Inc chose to implement our App Store SEO, App Description, Branded Press Release, Sales Generation, Twitter Boost, and Guaranteed Submission to 10 major review sites services. Together, they were geared to pique the interest of their target demographic, raise the app’s profile among iPad users as a whole, and invigorate public interest in the unique functionalities and advantages Tapose provided for them.


Within one day of launching our tailored marketing campaign on behalf of Tapose – coinciding with its public launch – the application instantly broke into Apple’s TOP Paid iPad Productivity Apps & Paid iPad Apps categories. Entry into these highly visible App Store categories more than met Zanther Inc’s expectations for this marketing campaign, and ensured that their unique app was met with widespread public interest rather than indifference. At its peak Tapose ranked as the 2th most popular paid iPad Productivity application on March 29th, 2012 and as 5th most popular paid iPad app on the App Store on March 28th, 2012. And as a further testament to its success, it retained its market position within the App Store’s TOP 100 charts for 20 consecutive days as well.


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