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Founded in 2012 by an App guru and financial consultant, Ziggytech Mobile Apps is an independent application development studio currently focused on providing app shoppers with practical new productivity and business solutions.


Ziggytech was planning on releasing a brand new iPad app into the highly competitive iOS productivity environment. This was the first app to be released by Ziggytech onto the App Store, therefore the client decided to utilize our marketing services in order to ensure that Simply Write was well positioned for success from the start.

Simply Write is a highly practical handwriting utility that lets customers write notes, journals, and anything else they want. With Simply Write there are no complex menus, useless functions, or impractical bells and whistles that stand between user and their notes. Built on highly intuitive, effective handwriting controls this app gives users the freedom to create and save as many different workbooks as they want, format them with ease, and seamlessly get on with their busy daily lives.


After conducting an active dialogue with the client regarding their new app and its unique attributes, ComboApp executed cost-effective highly efficient App Release campaign on behalf of Simply Write. We created the attention grabbing App Store Marketing Copy for Simply Write, distributed the professionally written Press Release to a vast network of web based media outlets, provided a Social Media exposure by means of our Twitter Post service and sought out advertising opportunities throughout review websites catering to iOS enthusiasts as a whole.


Immediately after ComboApp executed their multiple marketing efforts Simply Write broke through into the App Store’s TOP 100 Paid iPad Productivity category. The application’s popularity peaked on October 30th, 2012, when it ranked as the scoring as the 10th most downloaded Paid iPad Productivity application on the App Store.

Furthermore, Simply Write retained its position within the TOP 100 chart in App Store’s Paid iPad Productivity chart for 15 consecutive days; moreover during this term the app was featured in TOP 50 chart of the aforesaid category for 11 consecutive days.


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