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Chef Manal AlAlem is a culinary icon in the global Arabic community. She has produced and hosted her own TV cooking show, opened educational cooking centers in multiple Arabic nations, and authored best-selling cookbooks published throughout the world in many languages including English.


The client has contacted ComboApp prior to initial release of Manal AlAlem Kitchen, innovative cooking app featuring exclusive recipes from world famous Arabic chef Manal AlAlem in English. They were interested in successfully breaking their new mobile application through into the App Store’s TOP 100 Paid iPhone Lifestyle category immediately after the app’s initial launch.
Manal AlAlem Kitchen includes dozens of traditional Middle Eastern dishes as imagined by Manal AlAlem, complete with photos, accessible ingredients, easily understandable measurements, as well as simple preparation and cooking instructions. Every recipe in this digital cooking book features professionally translated, user-friendly, step-by-step instructions which guarantee that the cooking process stays both easy and fun for users. The app features beautifully executed full-color photos of every recipe to give users a valuable visual reference point for how they should look as well.


Recognizing the need for a highly customized approach, ComboApp tailored a multi-tiered marketing campaign for Manal AlAlem Kitchen that sought to engage an audience demographic that would be most receptive to this product – food enthusiasts in particular.

We were able to achieve our clients’ goal of breaking Manal AlAlem Kitchen into the App Store’s TOP 100 Paid iPhone Lifestyle Apps list by utilizing a wide variety of highly effective marketing services and techniques, particularly by tapping our considerable resources in the Mac focused web media arena and positioning the app accurately and effective within the public eye.


As a result of the comprehensive marketing and promotional techniques performed by ComboApp, Manal AlAlem Kitchen was able to break into the TOP 100 Paid iPhone Lifestyle category as per the client’s request and find a large scale audience in the mobile marketplace. Highlights of Manal AlAlem Kitchen’s success included a peak position as the 69th most downloaded application in the App Store’s Paid iPhone Lifestyle category – attained on March 9, 2012.


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