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Founded in Hamburg in 2011, AS Mobile Applications is a mobile development studio committed to producing lifestyle and entertainment apps as well as digital content for mobile devices.


AS Mobile Applications has been a longtime client of ComboApp, relying on us to successfully execute marketing solutions on behalf of their product portfolio. The client contacted us once again in January 2013, aiming to push the popularity of their newest mobile arcade game – iRobbery – and expand app’s customer base. Additionally AS Mobile Applications sought to receive unbiased feedback from our marketing consultants and independent app shoppers alike to better gauge iRobbery’s positive, negative, and its overall operational value as a mobile game.

iRobbery puts player’s hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills to the test, challenging them to maneuver a bag of cash out of various booby trapped bank lobbies without tripping up – and before the police show up to ruin the party. Every level of this wild mobile arcade rush is a race against time, need to keep a cool head and a steady hand and reap the rewards, hesitate for even a second or trip an alarm and it’s game over!


After discussing AS Mobile Applications’ specific goals for bolstering iRobbery’s popularity on the App Store and analyzing the game itself ComboApp synthesized and implemented the following marketing services on behalf of the game:

  • We utilized an augmented version of one of our seasonal Valentine’s Day oriented promotional packages – Lovely Downloads – to boost the product’s ranking on the App Store via review aggregation and app enthusiast engagement measures;
  • To provide the client with an added measure of independent app downloads and unbiased feedback from mobile game lovers we executed our Download Generation service for free apps. We also engaged with these users to get their feedback regarding iRobbery’s pros and cons as a game.


After executing every phase of the above mentioned services swiftly and in sync with client needs ComboApp was able to achieve and exceed their pre-defined download, feedback aggregation, and market awareness goals. Subsequent to the implementation of our marketing campaign on behalf of the app iRobbery broke through into the TOP 100 Free iPhone Entertainment Apps List on February 1st, 2013. It was able to achieve a solid ranking as the 85th most downloaded application within this category, a win which accounted for thousands of new downloads for the application. The client was also able to implement concepts mentioned by our gathered feedback to improve iRobbery, making it a more industry competitive title within the App Store for the foreseeable future.


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