Hansel and Gretel


Epic Tales


EPIC TALES is a The Hague (Netherlands) based developer and publisher of interactive storybooks for the iOS platform, and delivers unique, interactive adaptations of the imaginative and magical stories found in fairytales, folklore and world mythology. EPIC TALES is a joint venture between award winning animation studio Anikey and Cloud Castle Interactive.


Epic Tales had contacted ComboApp soon after the initial release of their first app, Hansel and Gretel – Epic Tales animated storybook, on the App Store. It offers a world filled with whimsical characters ranging from pesky gnomes to witty dwarfs; from brave children to mean stepmothers and cunning witches. The tale is digitally hand-drawn by award winning animators and features stunning 2d animations and cut scenes, professional voice actors, original music scores, and spellbinding interactive environments that are sure to draw readers even deeper into the story.

Confident in the quality of their product, Epic Tales decided to employ our services to increase their app’s visibility throughout the mobile iOS marketplace and intrigue even more prospective customers to download it.


After analyzing the client’s application and understanding which aspects differentiated it from competition, ComboApp developed a customized marketing package on behalf of Hansel and Gretel – Epic Tales animated storybook. It consisted of the following highly effective time-proven marketing services covering differing audience demographics:

  • Guaranteed Submission to 10 review websites
  • App Promotion via Mommy Blogger Community
  • Twitter Boost
  • Application Description
  • Sales Generation/Download Generation

Positioning the application as a unique adaptation of the classic tale that was already dear to legions of prospective customers – especially tech-savvy parents – allowed us to successfully intrigue and interest a large pool of mobile consumers.


As a result of complex marketing and promotional techniques performed by ComboApp, Hansel and Gretel – Epic Tales was able to rise from relative obscurity to TOP 50 Paid iPhone Books Apps category, reaching 34th place in August 8, 2012. Additionally, Hansel and Gretel – Epic Tales was featured in App Store’s Top Grossing iPhone Books Apps list, reaching 28th place on the same day.



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