4KidCal LLC


Founded in Roslyn, New York, 4KidCal LLC is an innovative new mobile applications developer committed to designing mobile experiences geared to help tech engaged youngsters get a head start on advancing valuable life skills.


A burgeoning mobile application and software solutions developer, 4KidCal LLC was aimed to ensure the successful launch for their debut product 4KidCal. Specifically, the developer’s goal was to break their app into the App Store’s TOP 100 iPhone Education category upon its release.
4KidCal is a wild new calendar app created specifically to help young children learn how to organize events, make plans for the days ahead, and learn the invaluable skills of long term time management. The app makes planning a vibrantly colorful and highly intuitive experience, and even comes complete with eloquently simple task modules and effortless scheduling options.


After careful detailed analysis of the app and reaching out to the client to understand their needs, ComboApp’s marketing team implemented our premiere TOP 100 Campaign, promoting 4KidCal via multiple web based media channels, Mommy Blogger community, and throughout the App Store itself. Promotional tactics focused on the “mobile savvy” parent community and framed 4KidCal as an educational yet entertainingly engaging experience for children regardless of age.


ComboApp executed all marketing measures ordered by the client in a swift fashion, and timed to make the largest possible impact amongst the app engaged public at large. As the result of ComboApp’s Top 100 Campaign service implementation 4KidCal broke into the App Store’s list of Top 100 iPhone Paid Education Apps and was featured as 36th most downloaded app in the category on June 16, 2012.

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