Want the next level of music radio? Well, it has arrived. is the world’s most innovative radio streaming network.

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Want the next level of music radio? Well, it has arrived. is the world’s most innovative radio streaming network.

The app has a whopping 30 channels with a variety of music genres from top DJ hits to classic jazz. Don’t like a song currently playing? Don’t worry, you can skip it and even go back to that song you loved 30 seconds ago – no other streaming radio music apps allow you to do that! You can even repeat your favorite tracks over and over again. also doubles as a social network allowing users to create their own profile, share/rate favorite tracks and even connect with old and new friends – share your favorite tracks with your favorite people all in one place!


ComboStore Review:

The app’s release on November 9, 2013 went unnoticed. The app was not featured on any US App Store charts, which was most likely because the app’s developer did not reinforce its App Store ranking with additional traffic. On the other hand, the app has positive reviews on the App Store and hence it has major potential to be more successful that it is now. The app did very well on the Top Grossing chart. Usually when an app has a low position on the Top Free chart but a high position on Top Grossing chart, it means the app has potential for traffic monetization with an appropriate traffic level.

  • 1. Impressive monetization strategy (premium membership features)
  • 2. Outstanding Facebook and Twitter management
  • 3. Engaging social networking element
  • 4. Ability to listen to the network in your browser
  • 5. iOS 7 style interface with clean, polished design
  • 6. Professional sound quality provides music at a crystal clear 320 kbps – thus being the highest bit rate available on commercial radio
  • 1. Some listeners may want more than 30 genres
  • 2. Last updated in March 2014
  • 3. Minimal Instagram account updates
  • 4. App icon does not articulate that the app allows listening specifically the radio


  • Launch a test-traffic generation campaign for the US market
  • Strengthen app’s ranking in the countries where it was released with cheap mobile traffic
  • Retain more PR coverage to spread the world about the app
  • Promote through music oriented platforms/networks etc

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