Need an answer? Get it FAST with this addictive, image-based social app that gives you the ability to question absolutely anything and everything!

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Need an answer? Get it FAST with this addictive, image-based social app that gives you the ability to question absolutely anything and everything! Askem is a mobile and web platform that slashes through all of the fluff and gets straight to the point when answering your most important questions.

Using askem, you can upload images and create interactive questions with up to 5 pop-up answers. By doing that, you are able to receive direct responses with clear-cut answers. Users can make real-life decisions based on the answers they receive. Share your questions with friends and other users and you can step into their shoes and find out their perspectives. Forget all of the “likes” and “what-ifs”, with askem you can get straight-to-the-point answers, fast.

Although this app is fairly new, askem has already raised a total of $500,000 from angel investors. Askem is a graduate of Microsoft’s Israeli Windows Azure 2013 accelerator program. This program is 4 months of mentorship, training and tools for startups. As part of the program, the participants travel to the U.S. to market their startup and seek in


  • Social media:
    3.5K likes on Facebook;
    766 followers on Twitter;
    75 followers on Instagram;
    0 subscribers on YouTube
  • PR coverage: Mashable; The Next Web; Geektime; Micrisoft Ventures; TechHive; AppReview Central
  • Past TOP chart rankings: The app has been featured in Social Networking (What’s Hot), staying in TOP 100 – TOP 200 (Social Networking, US).
  • Current TOP chart rankings:
    344 – free iPhone apps (Social Networking in US)
  • About 500 2.8 star ratings
  • Competitors: Jelly, Thumb, Voto, Polar, Seesaw.

ComboStore Review:

Askem’s development team is doing a great job in terms of regularly improving the app. The app uses a profiling technology to measure and analyze how users engage with the app. This is a fantastic tool used to strengthen the app’s user base. This profile can help brands better understand their customers’ behaviors and interests. Although the startup does not have a business model in place yet, they plan to provide in-depth analytics to users or brands that would create a meaningful relationship and new level of engagement between brands and consumers. There are a few complaints, based on the user reviews via the App Store, that the developers should take a look at and try to straighten out. Despite the app being new, the idea for the app is not necessarily new. Due to the amount of competitors this app has to keep up with, the developers should strategically figure out a way to stand out from the rest.

  • Stylish, organized design with extremely simple functionality
  • Regular updates
  • Developers constantly improving app
  • Association with Microsoft
  • Interesting content via social networks
  • Not enough word spread about the app to enlarge user base
  • Very minimal, poor content via social media
  • Minor bugs
  • Social Media channels are not used for communication with users to fix issues
  • No Android version
  • Video demo does not show real-life decisions


  • Promote the app actively and regularly through additional social networks
  • Run a user acquisition campaign
  • Consider a contest on Instagram or Pinterest to generate more attention to the app
  • Create a branded YouTube channel – feature a series of creative 30-second videos to exhibit the app being used by different people in real-life situations
  • Install analytics to make every user invite a friend – by doing this you can gain free app installs to help make the app go viral
  • Read and analyze all critical reviews and fix bugs

For more information on this awesome app, check it out on the App Store.

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