ComboApp has contributed to the promotion of hundreds of mobile apps as a global marketing and communications agency. So we decided to publish a series of app reviews that highlight apps that we love and/or have seen amazing success in the mobile ecosystem. Applying our eagle eyes, we dissect the app’s marketing strategy to see what they are doing right and what we’d change if ComboApp was promoting the app.

App Stories has been designed to provide app owners with a general overview of competitive apps that highlight the pros and cons of that product’s marketing strategy.

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Betaworks originally released “Dots” in April of 2013, the game became a viral success with over 20 million downloads. Shortly after, the company exiled half it’s dev team with the stated mission to build something “unique, fun and beautiful.”


Camera Plus

Not very experienced in photo editing? Want a slick and easy app that allows you to take, edit and produce images better than any other top-tier photo apps? Camera Plus is here to make that all extremely fast easy for you!


Zombie Tsunami

Ever dreamed of becoming a Zombie for a day? Running through the streets and chasing down living humans? Have you ever thought of EATING your own friends? Here is your one-and-only chance with the exhilarating iOS and Android app, Zombie Tsunami.

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