ComboApp has contributed to the promotion of hundreds of mobile apps as a global marketing and communications agency. So we decided to publish a series of app reviews that highlight apps that we love and/or have seen amazing success in the mobile ecosystem. Applying our eagle eyes, we dissect the app’s marketing strategy to see what they are doing right and what we’d change if ComboApp was promoting the app.

App Stories has been designed to provide app owners with a general overview of competitive apps that highlight the pros and cons of that product’s marketing strategy.

ComboStore Team

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Want to find out the real truth about your friends, colleagues or even complete strangers? Download Tittat! This unbelievable social networking app is unlike any other. Tittat tells you the truth behind the people you meet and interact with every single day!


GS Preschool Games

Grab the kids and jump into some fun! GS Preschool Games is an addicting and SUPER fun app designed for kids ages 3-6 that makes learning fun and easy. Kids will absolutely love this app, made to foster their learning and grow their imagination.



Grab your coats and bundle up because the wintery season has arrived! In order to really take on this super addicting game, you have to melt the falling snowflakes and prevent them from being added to the snow pile.


Save The Comet

Blast off into the galaxy with Save the Comet! This action packed app takes arcade-style gaming to a whole new planet! What makes Save the Comet different than any other action game you may ask?


Schedule Planner

Think you’re super organized? You have NO idea what organized is until you dive into Schedule Planner, an organizational tool app that helps you plan out daily activities by category and priority – this app takes organization to the next level!



Need an answer? Get it FAST with this addictive, image-based social app that gives you the ability to question absolutely anything and everything!

Viber app


Want to connect with your family and friends who live on the other side of the world? Don’t want to pay a single dollar? Viber “connects” those dots – for free!


Want the next level of music radio? Well, it has arrived. is the world’s most innovative radio streaming network.

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