ComboApp has contributed to the promotion of hundreds of mobile apps as a global marketing and communications agency. So we decided to publish a series of app reviews that highlight apps that we love and/or have seen amazing success in the mobile ecosystem. Applying our eagle eyes, we dissect the app’s marketing strategy to see what they are doing right and what we’d change if ComboApp was promoting the app.

App Stories has been designed to provide app owners with a general overview of competitive apps that highlight the pros and cons of that product’s marketing strategy.

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Christmas Karaoke App LITE: 12 Carols

Christmas has finally arrived! Do you have a favorite Christmas song? Do you love to gather around the Christmas tree and sing songs? Well, Christmas Karaoke App LITE: 12 Carols is the app for you!


Ski Nation

Are you ready to take on the slopes? Do you want to be completely connected to snow and trail reports, maps and photos? Ski Nation is the app for you!



Do YOU want to be a likeable adventurer for the day? Do YOU want to take on an exciting journey all in the palm of your hands? If so, Ale’s Story is the app for YOU!


Maths Practice, age 3-5

Practice makes perfect, especially with Maths Practice, age 3-5! This app combines learning and practice and makes it fun and unique for your little ones!


EATT Magazine

Are you getting exceptionally bored of reading the same magazines over and over again? Are the writers talking about the same topics every other day? Well, EATT Magazine is something fresh and brand new – it is great for all you avid magazine readers out…



Want to find, edit, present, print and save all of your Microsoft Office documents and PDFs using one single tool? OfficeWrx is the app for you! No matter where you keep those important documents of yours (desktop, email, cloud), OfficeWrx has your back!


Halloween Find The Pair Free

Ghosts, goblins and children of all ages, gather around the jack-o-lantern for this spooky memory game. Halloween Find The Pair Free is an educational and entertaining game designed for the entire family!


Jam Cook

Calling all future chefs, Jam Cook is the app for you! Jam Cook is a recipe app that offers amazing dishes based on the ingredients you have at your disposal. All you need to do is check your pantry, select from the ingredients and in…

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