ComboApp has contributed to the promotion of hundreds of mobile apps as a global marketing and communications agency. So we decided to publish a series of app reviews that highlight apps that we love and/or have seen amazing success in the mobile ecosystem. Applying our eagle eyes, we dissect the app’s marketing strategy to see what they are doing right and what we’d change if ComboApp was promoting the app.

App Stories has been designed to provide app owners with a general overview of competitive apps that highlight the pros and cons of that product’s marketing strategy.

ComboStore Team

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Evostar: Legendary Warrior RPG

Have you been wanting to explore and rule the galaxy by being the fastest, strongest and best warrior? In this super addicting (and FREE) game, you can be! Evostar is one of the best role-playing games out there right now. The action never ends with…


Jumping Julie

If you think Flappy Bird is utterly addicting, you clearly have not played Jumping Julie. Whether you love cute little cats or die for addicting finger tapping games, this is the game for you! The best part about this game is that it never has…

Factor Monsters Logo

Factor Monsters

Do you need some practice with factoring and numbers? Do you want your kids to learn math and have fun all at the same time? If this is the case, or even if your young ones need just a bit of math practice, Factor Monsters…



Safety and awareness is so important in everyday life. Our ComboApp team came across an unbelievable, life-changing app called ICE4Autism. This app will help you to organize and keep all essential information in one place, like a personal medical card. Summary: Safety and awareness is…

TripGo_Logo (2)


Want to find the fastest, cheapest or most efficient way to get to your next travel destination? Unsure about whether to use public or private transportation, or even both? If you have answered yes to any or all of the above, TripGo is a life-changing…

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Dunwitch Battle

Looking for an action-packed, multi-level puzzle game? Want to challenge yourself to be the best you can be? Go no further because Dunwitch Battle is the game for you! This thrilling and addictive battle game allows you to explore and survive the town of Dunwitch.


What’s my color?

Want to know what colors work best for you? If so, you need to download What’s my color? This is an app we are sure that the ladies in our office will be using.


StitMe Free

Do you want full control and privacy over your mobile device? Do you want to connect with people without revealing your mobile number? If so, StitMe is the app for you! Summary: Do you want full control and privacy over your mobile device? Do you…

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